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For babies and toddlers, swimming is a great way to help meet their developmental stages. Our lessons are a constant sensory discovery for little ones, such as splashing their hands, feeling the water between their fingers, kicking their little feet and blowing bubbles. These are all ways that can help with hand and eye coordination, speech and language, all while learning the early stages of swimming and water safety.

Once your child is 4 (approx) we welcome them into our academy programme where we build on their water confidence and start their journey into mastering the techniques of each stroke. We also take water safety very seriously and make sure your little ones are equipped with the knowledge of what to do should they ever find themselves in a difficult situation.

Once your child has completed our academy level we have an opportunity for them to continue swimming with us with our SwimHappy Squad. This provides an opportunity to keep developing their swimming skills, without the commitment of joining a swimming club. Swim Squad is a 45 minute session where we continue to work on stroke development, stamina and fitness, as well as introducing advanced water skills such as pool snorkelling, life saving, water survival, competitive diving, tumble turns and team building activities!

A new and exciting addition to SwimHappy is our adult lessons. We’ve experienced many parents over the years asking if we can do adult lessons and it’s always been something we’ve been passionate about delivering. Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to improve on your existing ability, we can help you achieve the swim skills you desire.

Whilst the majority of our classes are group lessons we can also cater for smaller more personal classes. If you can’t see a class that meets your needs please get in contact to see what we can arrange!

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Alice Humphrey - swimming teacher

I have always had a true affinity with swimming. I lived abroad for the first early years of my life and whenever possible I was swimming, playing little mermaid, diving down for sinkers or jumping in! If it involved water, I was there!! When I came back home to England, I regularly attended swimming classes and also started training.

I started baby swimming classes with my eldest son 4 years ago when he was only 3 months old. It was such a fantastic experience for both of us. I was hooked and wanted more, so I approached a well-known swim school and was lucky enough that they were looking for a teacher. They sent me on the Baby and Pre-School Swimming Teacher course with the STA (Swimming Teacher's Association). I have never looked back and loved every minute of my career since.

My love for teaching swimming has grown into a real passion. I believe that classes should be dynamic. We cover a base of all water skills utilising different swimming principles throughout the lessons. We have fun filled weeks using themes such as space, water safety, animal themed and pirates: the list is endless! I have found this keeps children engaged, excited to come back and find out what is in store for them next week!

I regularly attend training to keep up to date with the latest research and inspiration to make sure I can be the best teacher for your children. I maintain the swimming teacher's lifesaving certificate every 2 years and attend core professional development days and courses, to ensure I am teaching at the highest level for my swimmers. There is always something new to learn no matter what your age!

Alice Humphrey - Swimming teacher

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