Swimming kit list

What do I need to bring to swimming lessons?

We know how easy it can be to forget something. We've included a quick list below to help ensure you have what you need.

1 - Reusable swimming nappy and a Happy Nappy

For babies and toddlers, it is our policy that all babies and toddlers should wear a reusable/disposable swimming nappy and a neoprene Happy Nappy. The reusable nappy is similar to swimming nappy, but it can be reused over and over again. The Happy Nappy is a neoprene nappy that goes over the swimming nappy. It acts as a protector against any unhappy accidents that can happen, keeping bits of, well you know what, out of the pool. We ask you to bring your own, but we will always have spares just in case.

2 - Swimming costumes!

For you and your child! You can also buy baby warmer suit which will keep your baby really toasty if they are small or feel the cold

3 - Towels

Towels - one for you if you're jumping in and one for baby/child, you can also bring a towelled robe to wear to and from the pool.

4 - Changing bag

We will have a changing mats so you can change your child safely. We just ask that whilst lessons are going on you wipe them down with safe antibacterial spray which will have for you to use.

5 - Milk, snacks and drinks

Babies and small children may want a feed straight after swimming; this is totally normal and we want you to feel safe that you can feed your baby and child at the poolside, in the pool or the changing rooms.

If your child needs a snack after swimming, this is fine, but we ask you stay with them and keep a close eye on them, and please take all your rubbish home with you.

6 - Clothes

Remember a spare change of clothes for you and your children!

7 - Buggies and Prams

You can bring your buggy or pram but there won't be space for it in the pool building or in the changing rooms. If you do need to bring one please bring a rain cover to keep it safe from the elements.

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