Important COVID-19 information

We've made some changes due to the restrictions and guidance in place for swimming.

What should we wear to and from the pool?

We highly recommend snuggly fleecy onesies for children or adults! Or if not baggy clothes like dresses, sweatpants and T-shirts and jumpers - something really easy to pull on and quickly leave.


Due to social distancing restrictions we are limited to amount of people we are allowed in the pool building. We are therefore asking, where possible, for clients to arrive "beach ready" (basically with swimming costume on). When you arrive at the pool, please wait for your teacher to welcome you into the pool.

When your teachers says it is safe to enter the building, please sanitise yours hands and walk in and find a bench that will have a picture of a penguin on. This is your designated clean side, this is where you can leave your belongings whilst your children swim so all you have to do is simply take off your outer clothes and get ready to begin the class. (We understand for babies and children that aren't potty trained this is a bit harder).

What you can do is change them into their swimming outfits with swimming nappy on and a disposable nappy on too that way it will protect against any leakages on the way to the pool, then when you arrive just take the disposable nappy off.

Afterwards, unfortunately we can't provide showers due to extra water particles in the air, but we can use the changing rooms! These will be limited to 3 families per changing room and arranged by male and female (for adults) so if dads are taking the children swimming, they take their children in with them to the male changing room and the same for mother etc. The disabled changing room will also be available to change in.

We do ask that you avoid using the changing rooms where possible. Older children and adults could pull on a onesie, towel like poncho or baggy clothes, like sweatpants and a hoody and leave. This way we are limiting your time in the changing rooms.

We understand for younger children and babies that this is not possible and totally acceptable to change them, we just ask if parents can swiftly change into something and leave promptly.

If you need to breast feed or feed your baby, this is absolutely fine but if the time allowed in the changing rooms is exceeded, we may ask you to come sit on poolside so that the teacher can clean down the rooms before the next group.

Before you enter the changing rooms, the rooms will be cleaned down prior to your entry.

Please bring your changing mats for your babies to be changed on.

Please take all nappies and any rubbish home with you, we do ask if snacks can we eaten outside and not in the pool building.

Water can be drunk though!

What should we expect from our swimming lessons?

Things are going to be a little different, but we are trying our best to still make a fantastic experience for you and you child.

We will have designated zones for your swimming lesson that you will stay in for the majority of the class but there will times when we may do circle time or a long length swim, all whilst keeping you at social distance, but we ask you to be vigilant. If you are not happy with something tell us immediately and we will change things where we can.

For children that are 3.5 years and older who are just learning to swim (so cannot swim 5 metres confidently on their own and need support floating) we are asking parents get back in the water with them to support them and keep them socially apart. Normally I would be in the water and teaching them and supporting them but due to the social restrictions we can't do this at this time, and safety is paramount in a swimming lesson. So, for now parents are in and I am teaching on the side. As soon as we can, that will change.

Because we are limited to how many people we are allowed in the swimming pool building, if you are coming with two children and one needs you in the water whilst the other waits, if they are too young to wait on the side, we ask if another adult can wait outside or in the car until their class.

I am afraid we can't have any spectators at the moment. Again, as soon as the social restrictions are lifted this will change. I feel it's so important for children to feel appreciated and celebrated and there is nothing better than watching your kids swim! And they are as proud as punch too!

We ask you to bring your own equipment

At present I am not allowed to lend out kit like swimming googles, swimwear or equipment so please make sure you bring everything!!! You can see our swimming checklist here.

We also ask you to bring the following:

  • For baby classes: A favourite bath toy
  • Toddler classes: A favourite bath toy, 1 x pool noodle, 1 x diving sinker
  • For beginner classes and up: 1 x Pool noodle, 1 x swimming float, 1 x diving ring/sinker

All these things can be bought online or in-store I have included a few links with shops that do sell these items:

Pool noodles

Swimming floats

Dive rings or sinkers

Track and Trace

If we had to contact you due to a concern about an exposure to COVID-19 we would contact you via your mobile or email. If someone is bringing your child for you, they must be willing to leave their contact details with the teacher on duty for that day.

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