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We want your swimming experience to be a happy one so have answered some common questions below.

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Why teach babies to swim at an early age?

At we believe that introducing babies to swimming at a young age is a truly wonderful experience! One with huge benefits for them and for you as parents. It is uplifting, engaging and it's a wonderful time to just be together exploring and playing.

It's a great chance to build their strength and skills as they develop throughout their lives. Building up these positive experiences as babies will allow them to grow into confident swimmers with a respect but love of the water, which leads to learning water survival skills through their whole swimming lives.

Do the classes include submersion?

At we do underwater submersions, but in a gentle and child led way. Our teachers will never force or put pressure on a child or parent to swim underwater. It is so important that it is allowed with time and gentle encouragement and only if the parent and child are both happy with this.

What will my baby/child learn in these lessons?

They will learn lots of different water skills, such as floating, jumping, kicking and moving through the water through games and activities especially adapted for ages and abilities. We also love to sing and play!

For our older children we follow the STA International Learn to Swim programme - our lessons are challenging and above all fun. We want children to develop a love of water whilst learning lots of skills that can lead onto other disciplines of swimming such as snorkelling, diving, water polo, life saving skills, synchronised swimming and swimming galas etc.

What swimming award programme to do you follow?

We follow the Swimming teacher Association International Learn to Swim programme, it has five schemes which are all interlinked from baby lessons right up to lifesaving and beyond.

What should my baby wear to their class?

We ask that all babies and toddlers who aren't potty trained, wear a double nappy system including a neoprene nappy which can be bought through us or online.

A disposable or reusable swimming nappy is also advised but the neoprene nappy is very important! This is so we don't have any accidents in the pool which can cause closures.

When should I feed my child?

An hour before a class for food is fine! For babies under 6 months, please feed as normal as a hungry baby will not enjoy their class. Just remember that little ones will be hungry after the lesson so expect to feed them then too! It is totally fine to breast feed your baby by the side of the pool or wherever you feel comfortable. We ask you give snacks after your lessons and when you're leaving, please take all rubbish home with you.

What if my child is ill?

PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR BABY/CHILD SWIMMING IF THEY ARE ILL. If you or anyone in your family is displaying COVID-19 symptoms such as a high temperature or a cough please quarantine for 2 weeks. You should immediately contact the NHS track and trace. If your child has experienced diarrhoea or vomiting, please keep them away from swimming for 48 hours after symptoms have cleared.

Do parents need to be able to swim?

Absolutely not, we work in pools where it is safe to stand and all our teachers are trained to high standard to help you join in the lesson. Many parents who could not swim before or were afraid of the water find they really enjoy the lessons and become encouraged to seek their own lessons to learn swim (which we can offer too!)

What are the natural baby swim reflexes?

Baby have a natural swim reflexes which are natural responses to outside stimulus. For example, when a baby is gently released underwater, the amphibious reflexes respond to this stimulus and begin to kick. These are wondrous natural reflexes which are life-saving .

What if we miss a lesson?

Unfortunately if we are not given 24 hours notice (e.g. for sickness) we can't make up a catch up class.

If you can give us 24 hours or more notice, we can always try to accommodate catch up lessons. This is limited to two lessons a term

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